PVC Laminated Basketball

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PVC Laminated Basketball

This PVC laminated basketball has a PVC synthetic leather cover. It is an 8-panel basketball with circumference between 749mm and 780mm, weight between 590g and 620g. We can offer PVC laminated basketballs in size 7, and in any color.

Specification of the PVC Laminated Basketball
(1) Laminated basketball
(2) PVC synthetic leather cover
(3) Circumference: 749-780mm
(4) Weight: 590-620g
(5) Panels: 8
(6) Ball Size: 7#
(7) Moisten needle before inserting. The standard inflation pressure for this PVC laminated basketball is from 0.5 bar to 0.6 bar.
(8) Color: Any

Packing for the PVC Laminated Basketball
Standard packing:1 Piece/Polybag, 40 Pieces/Carton
Customized packing design and size are available.

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