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    1. Rubber BasketballAs its name suggests, this rubber basketball has a rubber cover and a rubber bladder. It is between 749mm and 780mm in circumference ...
    1. PVC Laminated BasketballThis PVC laminated basketball has a PVC synthetic leather cover. It is an 8-panel basketball with circumference between 749mm and 780mm ...
    1. TPU Laminated BasketballThe TPU laminated basketball has circumference between 749mm and 780mm, and weight between 590g and 620g. The size 7 ball color is customizable.
    1. PU Laminated BasketballThis size 7 basketball is constructed with a PU synthetic leather cover, suitable for both outdoor and indoor uses. We can offer both 8-panel basketball and 12-panel ...
    1. Soft Touch Laminated BasketballThe soft touch laminated basketball has a soft PU synthetic leather cover, and is available in size 7. It is an 8-panel basketball with any cover color.
    1. Size 7 Men's BasketballDunRun size 7 men's basketball is a laminated basketball with soft touch PU synthetic leather cover. It is available in any color, and the cover is made up of 8 panels.
    1. Size 6 Women's BasketballDunRun size 6 women's basketball is a laminated ball with PVC synthetic leather cover. It is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. It is a 8-panel basketball ...
    1. Size 5 Adolescent BasketballDunRun size 5 adolescent basketball is a rubber basketball for youth players. It is between 680mm and 700mm in circumference, and weigh between 465g ...
    1. Size 3 Children BasketballDunRun size 3 children basketball has circumference between 555mm and 580mm, and weight between 290g and 350g. It is ideal for kids players.
    1. Rubber Covered BasketballThis size 7 rubber covered basketball is between 749mm and 780mm in circumference, and between 590g and 620g in weight. It is an 8-panel basketball ...
    1. Laminated BasketballThis size 7 laminated basketball is a 17-panel basketball with PU synthetic leather cover. Its circumference ranges from 749mm to 780mm, and weight ranges ...

Basketball Introduction
According to the production technique, our basketball is usually divided into two types that are laminated basketballs and rubber covered basketball. The ball sizes are usually 5#, 6# and 7#.
A rubber basketball ball typically consists of an inner rubber bladder, wrapping layer, and an air nozzle to allow the pressure to be increased or decreased. Detailed construction information is given below.

Basketball Construction
DunRun basketball is usually constructed using the following parts.
(1) Bladder
The inflatable inner rubber bladder is in the most inner area of the basketball. It is usually made of black rubber.
(2) Yarn wrapping layer
The yarn wrapping layer functions to maintain the shape.
Our medium and high quality basketballs are usually constructed with thread windings made from nylon yarn. The windings are wrapped around the bladder and can protect it well. Some basketball manufacturers may also use gauze material to replace nylon yarn.
(3) Reinforcement layer
This support structure is made of thick rubber material. It reinforces the inner components and covers the yarn wrapping layer.
(4) Cover
Basketball covers are commonly made of the following three types of materials: rubber, leather and synthetic leather such as super fiber, PU and PVC, etc.
The cover provides a basketball comfortable handling and allows the ball to play on various surfaces.
(5) Air nozzle
It is used for air inflation. Its quality determines the ball's gas tightness.

Why DunRun?
(1) DunRun basketballs offer good elasticity.
(2) The leather cover is fine and smooth.
(3) Our basketball offers good gas tightness. So it doesn't leak air or won't have slow puncture situations. And it can be used many times after inflating air once.
(4) Good hand-feel.
(5) Revolving function is stable.

Health Benefits of Playing Basketball
There is no doubt that you benefit from playing basketball. After all, it is a form of great exercise.
(1) Physical fitness
When you are playing basketball, you are running and jumping which really works your heart and lungs. The exercise intensity is high. You also get benefits of strengthening your muscles, increasing your flexibility, speed, agility and burning fat.
(2) Mental fitness
Basketball is a social sport. It brings people together and provides an opportunity for people to communicate with each other and relax. It is great for shy people to meet new people and learn to socialize.
(3) Develop complete personality
Basketball can be a confidence booster and can help basketball players to develop complete personality, improve their emotion control capability, and so on. What's more, basketball is a team sport requires team members to work together and coordinate with each other to fulfill the whole process.

Basketball Maintenance
(1) Choose a suitable ball as per basketball court conditions. Choose a PVC cover basketball for cement court and a PU ball for plain cement court, plastic floor and wood floor.
(2) Please use specialized gas needle for each ball to inflate. Get the ball wet (avoid damage of inner) and then insert the needle into the hole. The pressure should be kept around 7-9 pounds.
(3) Inflate the basketball to its stated pressure. 7# ball's standard pressure is 0.06MPa. The ball's performance would reach the best with standard pressure. Or it would be easily out of shape.
(4) Clean the basketball with wet cotton after usage. No soak, no washing water, and no oils. Otherwise it would change color.
(5) Put the ball in dark dry place.
(6) Keep away from poignant object.

DunRun is a specialized basketball manufacturer based in China. We offer a wide range of sporting goods, including basketball, football, volleyball, tennis racket, badminton shuttlecock, sportswear, and others.

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