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    1. Goose Feather Badminton ShuttlecockThis goose feather badminton shuttlecock is ideal for use in tournaments. The feather utilized for making the shuttlecock is of the latest finest quality.
    1. Duck Feather Badminton ShuttlecockThe duck feather badminton shuttlecock is ideal for use in both competitions and trainings. The latest finest quality duck feather is utilized for making the ...
    1. Nylon Badminton ShuttlecockThe nylon badminton shuttlecock is suitable for use in tournaments and trainings. It is designed with nylon feather and cork based covered with PU.

1. About the Feather
(1) Our badminton shuttlecock consists of 16 pieces of feathers, and the color is consistent pure white, not easy in turning black or yellow.
(2) The feather for making badminton shuttlecocks are natural straight and have the same thickness, making the feather shuttlecock look orderly and nice. In addition, the quality feature makes sure the badminton shuttlecock is not easy for distortion during after long time use.
(3) The space between the feathers and the angle is kept in same. So the badminton shuttlecock offers high flying speed.

2. About the Glue
The glue is an important element to connect the feather and shuttlecock head. Our shuttlecock uses high quality glue to confirm the connection is perfect. Uniform glue improves hand feel and ensures long shuttlecock lifespan. The glue adhesion is strong, so it's not easy to causing shape changes. And the quality guarantee period is long. The badminton shuttlecock can keep in good condition for a long time.

3. Weight
We take measures to strictly control the weight of our badminton shuttlecock. So the stability of the flying is perfect. Our shuttlecock would spin forward without obvious shaking and drifting.

4. Maintain
(1) The most common shuttlecock maintenance way is to fume the shuttlecock a while before playing. Put the shuttlecock head onto the water vapor about one minute.
(2)Stroke the feather smoothly before playing. This can help extending the lifespan of the shuttlecock.
(3)Correct posture and hitting points can extend the service life of shuttlecocks.

DunRun is a China badminton shuttlecock manufacturer and supplier. We offer various types of sporting goods such as badminton racket, basketball, table tennis table, and tennis ball.

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