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    1. Flocking Tennis BallThe flocking tennis ball is ideal for training use.
      The tennis ball has a rubber bladder and is covered in a quality felt.
    1. Wool Tennis BallThe wool tennis ball is suitable for use in competitions.
      While delivering, 3 pieces wool tennis balls are packed in a tube.

1. DunRun tennis ball is designed with a nature rubber bladder. It has good elasticity and is easy for control.
2. Our tennis ball is covered in a quality felt, offering the ball consistent elasticity.
3. The waterproof tennis ball felt allow tennis players to play tennis after raining and in wet play ground.
4. The highlighted felt color makes the ball visible easier. Thus, players are provided with more time to observe the ball and catch the ball easily.
5. The tennis ball has good quality and will not out of shape easily. It is durable and suitable for all kinds of play ground.

DunRun is a professional tennis ball manufacturer and supplier, based in China. Our company also provides tennis racket, football, badminton shuttlecock, basketball, table tennis bat, rugby, and more.

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