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    1. Foot PumpThis is a foot pump.
      It is mainly made of steel.
      The foot pump has a twin-pointer barometer.
    1. Hand Tire InflatorThis is a hand tire inflator.
      The major materials used for making the hand pump are PP and PVC.
      The hand tire inflator is easy for inflation.
    1. Metal Tire InflatorThe metal tire inflator is a foot pump.
      The main material for the pump is steel.
      This metal tire inflator has a twin-pointer barometer.
    1. Plastic Tire InflatorThe plastic tire inflator is a hand pump.
      The major material for making this hand tire inflator is PP and PVC.
      The tire inflator is easy for use.

Specifications of Tire Inflator
(1) The tire inflator is also called a bicycle pump when it is used for bicycle tire inflation. It can be used for air inflation for various balls, such as basketball, football, rugby, and volleyball, etc.
(2) Aluminum, plastic or ABS materials are typical materials used for making our tire inflators.
(3) DunRun tire inflator and bicycle pump is available in two types: hand pump and foot pump.

As a specialized tire inflator manufacturer and supplier in China, DunRun provides sportswear, jumping rope, table tennis ball, basketball, badminton shuttlecock, football, and much more.

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