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MDF Foosball Table

Construction and Material
The MDF foosball table size is 140*76*86cm, or 55.1"*30"*34". The court is made of 9mm medium density fiberboards, and its size is 118 in length 68cm in width. The foosball table apron is made using 36mm MDF, and its width is 40cm. The table is designed with aluminum strips at the apron joints to protect the joints well. The MDF foosball table is designed with square shaped, hollow, PB legs with size of 120*120*15mm.

Some of our table foosball tables are designed with an additional chrome steel bar between the table legs. The payer rods are 16mm hollowed steel rods with chrome plated. Balls return at player's side.

Our MDF foosball tables are PVC veneered, and the veneer color is mainly in green color. For convenient transportation, we offer our MDF foosball table in disassembled condition. Instruction sheet for table foosball table assembly is included in the shipment.

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