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PVC Football

The Size 5 PVC football is constructed with a PVC leather cover and a rubber bladder. It is between 675mm and 711mm in circumference, and between 380g and 400g in weight. The recommended inflation pressure for this machine-stitched football is from 0.8bar to 1.0bar, and it is important to moisten the needle before pumping up the football.

Specifications of the PVC Football
(1) Tech: Machine Stitched
(2) Material: PVC leather, Rubber bladder
(3) Circumference: 675-711mm
(4) Weight: 380-400g
(5) Layer: There are additional 2 layers between the football bladder and cover.
(6) Panels: 32
(7) Recommended inflation pressure: 0.8-1.0BAR. Moisten needle before use.
(8) Ball Size: 5#
(9) Color: Any

Packing for the PVC Football
Standard packing: 1 Piece/Polybag, 40 Pieces/Carton
Customized packing design and size are available.

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