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PU Football

This PU football is constructed with a PU cover and a rubber bladder. It is available in variety of colors and in standard size 5. The circumference of this hand-stitched football is between 675mm and 711mm, and weight between 410g and 430g. The recommended inflation pressure for our PU football is from 0.8bar to 1.0bar, and it is important to moisten the needle before insertion.

Specifications of the PU Football
(1) Tech: Hand Stitched
(2) Material: PU cover, Rubber bladder
(3) Circumference: 675-711mm
(4) Weight: 410-430g
(5) Layer: There are additional 4 layers between the football cover and bladder.
(6) Panels: 32
(7) Recommended inflation pressure: 0.8-1.0BAR. Moisten needle before use.
(8) Ball Size: 5#
(9)Color: Any

Packing for the PU Football
Standard packing: 1 Piece/Polybag, 40 Pieces/Carton
Customized packing design and size are available.

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