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Laminated Volleyball

This laminated volleyball is designed in standard size 5. Hence, its circumference is between 630mm and 660mm and the weight is between 270mm and 290mm. The cover of this size 5 laminated volleyball is made of soft PU synthetic leather. Usually, forty pieces of deflated volleyballs are packed in one carton. Before pumping up the volleyball, please moisten the needle.

Specifications of the Laminated Volleyball
(1) This is a laminated volleyball.
(2) Material: Soft PU synthetic leather cover
(3) Circumference: 630-660mm
(4) Weight: 270-290g
(5) Panels: 18
(6) Inflation pressure: 0.4-0.5BAR. Moisten needle before use.

Packing for the Laminated Volleyball
Standard packing:1 Piece/Polybag, 40 Pieces/Carton
Customized design and size are available.

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