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    1. Rubber VolleyballDunRun rubber volleyball is a laminated, rubber covered volleyball. We can offer size 5 volleyballs in different colors to suit different players' demands.
    1. PVC Laminated VolleyballGiven below are the specification and packing information for DunRun PVC laminated volleyball. The volleyball cover is made of PVC synthetic leather material ...
    1. TPU Laminated VolleyballThe TPU laminated volleyball is so called because it has a PU synthetic leather cover. It is a size 5 volleyball. Its circumference is between 630mm and 660mm ...
    1. PU Laminated VolleyballThis PU laminated volleyball is available in standard size 5. It has circumference between 630mm and 660mm, and weight between 270g and 290g.
    1. Soft Touch Laminated VolleyballThis laminated volleyball has a soft touch PU synthetic leather cover. It is a size 5 volleyball with circumference between 630mm and 660mm ...
    1. Machine Stitched VolleyballDunRun machine stitched volleyball has a PVC synthetic leather cover. It is a size 5 volleyball and is available in any color. While delivering, 40 deflated volleyballs ...
    1. Laminated VolleyballThis laminated volleyball is designed in standard size 5. Hence, its circumference is between 630mm and 660mm and the weight is between 270mm and 290mm.
    1. Size 5 Standard VolleyballThis is a size 5 standard volleyball. This 18-panel volleyball has a laminated cover made of soft PU synthetic leather. We pack each piece of deflated volleyball in a ...

Volleyball construction
The outer cover of a volleyball is made of PVC or PU leather, and the bladder is typically made using rubber or butyl material. A standard volleyball is in size 5.

Benefits of playing volleyball
1. Playing volleyball needs execution of many motions. This serve to build and strength lean muscle. Players employ the muscles in the chest, arms and shoulders to hit the volleyball into the opponents' court, and they also have to bend down to press the ball up, which is commonly considered as the most useful exercise for building strength.
2. Playing volleyball can also improve players' hand-eye coordination, and the player's heart will become stronger and more efficient.
3. Volleyballs are designed to be waterproof, and can be played anytime.
4. People of different ages, genders, and physiques can play volleyball. Meanwhile, the game rule is simple and easy to understand.
5. Field equipment is simple. Volleyballs can be played anywhere.

(1) To avoid joint injuries, sufficient warm up exercise is essential before playing volleyball.
(2) Safety supports, especially knee supports, can prevent you from getting hurts.
(3) Normative movement is important.

As a specialized volleyball manufacturer based in China, DunRun provides a wide variety of products that includes American football, table tennis bat, badminton shuttlecock, soccer, basketball, and dartboard, among others.

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