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    1. Rubber RugbyThis page shows you our size 9 rubber rugby. The weight of the rubber rugby is between 370g and 390g. While delivering, we pack each deflated rubber rugby ...
    1. PVC RugbyThis size 9 rugby is a machine stitched rugby with a PVC leather cover and a rubber bladder. The weight of the 4-panel PVC rugby is between 340g and 360g.
    1. PU RugbyThe PU rugby is in standard size 9. It is a hand stitched rugby with a PU leather cover and a rubber bladder. It weighs between 340g and 360g. Standard packing ...
    1. Machine Stitched RugbyThe machine stitched rugby is designed with a PVC leather cover and a rubber bladder. It is a size 9 rugby and has weight between 340g and 360g.
    1. Hand Stitched RugbyThe hand stitched rugby is a size 9 rugby with a PU leather cover and a rubber bladder. It weighs between 340g and 360g. We can offer standardized packing and ...
    1. Size 9 Standard RugbyThe size 9 standard rugby has a PU leather cover and a rubber bladder. It is a hand stitched rugby. The weight is between 340g and 360g. Usually, each deflated rugby ...
    1. Size 8 Youth RugbyThe size 8 youth rugby is ideal for teenage players, and weighs between 290g and 310g. It has a rubber cover. The packing for our size 8 youth rugby is customizable.
    1. Size 7 Children RugbyThe size 7 children rugby has a rubber cover and weight between 190g and 210g. Generally speaking, we pack each deflated size 7 children rugby in a polybag ...

1. Leather Nature
(1) DunRun rugby, also called American football, offers good hand feel, and is easy to control.
(2) The ball is anti-skidding, and waterproof.
(3) The raw material for making the rugby is well processed, so the ball offers moderate weight and nice appearance.

2. Seam
We can offer both machine stitched rugby and hand stitched rugby with good quality. Our American footballs won't break easily.

3. Shape
The rugby is in perfect olive shape after inflation, so it shakes slightly while spinning.

4. Standard Size & Weight
(1) Long Axis: 280-300mm
(2) Rugby Circumference along Long Axis: 740-770mm
(3) Rugby Circumference along Short Axis: 580-620mm
(4) Weight: 410-460g

5. Game Equipment
(1) Helmet: An American football helmet is made of hull, face mask and chin strap. It is designed to reduce the damage possibility for face, especially the nose bridge, and mouth.
(2) Shoulder pads: Rugby shoulder pads function to avoid dislocation of the shoulder when hitting, and protect chest and rib as well.
(3) Elbow pads: Elbow pads are required while playing American football on solid artificial turf. They function to avoid elbow hurt.
(4) Gloves: Rugby gloves help receiving ball, and keeping warm in cold weather. What's more, the thick pads can protect hands.
(5) Hip pads: Hip pads are designed to protect American football players' waist and hip, and prevent them from getting damaged caused by push-and-pull, crash, intercept and spiking.
(6) Thigh pads: Protect the thigh muscle, prevent from spiking or other damages.
(7) Knee pads: Most of the cases, the knee pads are made of thick and flexible sponge. And the pads are especially needed while playing rugby on artificial turf.
(8) Cleats: Wear different rugby cleats according to the change of the field.
(9) Uniform: Rugby uniform includes jersey and pants. To confirm enough elasticity, the uniform material usually is Nylon or flexible fabric. The color of the uniform can't be same as the rugby.

As a professional rugby manufacturer and supplier in China, we not only provide American football, but also offer basketball, volleyball, tennis racket, table tennis table, sportswear, jumping rope, and much more.

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