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Badminton Racket Construction
Generally speaking, a badminton racket is made up of a head, shaft, handle and joint. A badminton racket's length doesn't exceed 68cm. All badminton racket manufacturers are committed to offering badminton rackets that have lighter weight, stronger frame and better elasticity shaft.

How to Choose a Right Badminton Racket that Suits You?
(1) The racket weight should be appropriate. Light weight badminton racket can improve the waving speed. But this does not mean that we should choose the lightest one, as this would influence your hitting strength.
(2) To check the integral construction of the racket. Waving the racket to see whether it makes your hand shake or not. If not, the badminton racket shaft is flexible and is a good choice.
(3) Choosing racket handle according to your hands' size. It's good if you feel comfortable when grasping the badminton racket handle.
(4) To confirm whether the string is in order or not. The area of the crossing string should be kept in same, as well as the tightness of the string.

More about Badminton Racket
(1) Racket shape: The geometrical shape of the head. Usually, the badminton racket head can be round or square. Comparing with the round head racket, the sweet point of the square one is 25% larger.
(2) Sweet point. Sweet point, or sweet spot, is the area which is located about at the center of your badminton racket's head, about the middle intersection of strings of your string bed. It is the best hitting area. It can bring you powerful and accurate hit shots when you hit badminton at the sweet point.
(3) Hardness. The harder the shaft is, the less strength the badminton can receive. But the badminton racket would not be easily out of shape if the frame is hard.
(4) Torque force, which refers to the degree of racket face torsion when hitting. The degree is smaller, the control of the ball would be better.
(5) Joint is the connection between badminton racket frame and shaft. Regarding to the appearance, it can be T shape and Y shape. Regarding to the workmanship, it can be outlay and inlay.
(6) Material. Badminton rackets can be made of aluminum, carbon fiber, high modulus graphite and titanium alloy and so on.

Badminton Racket Daily Maintenance
(1) Prevent using the racket to pick up the shuttlecock, so as to protect the painting surface.
(2) Place it under common temperature. Not too high or too low.
(3) Put the badminton rackets into the bag after natural air drying of them.
(4) If there is sweat on the racket, please dry the sweatband after playing. Or it would mildew and smelliness, even causing handle rotten.

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