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    1. Aluminum Tennis Racket (Without T Joint)The tennis racket frame and shaft are both made of aluminum material, so it is called aluminum tennis racket.
      The tennis racket has NO joint ...
    1. Aluminum Graphite Tennis RacketThe tennis racket frame is made of aluminum and the shaft is made of graphite material.
      Total length of the aluminum graphite ...
    1. Full Graphite Tennis RacketThe frame and shaft of the tennis racket are both made using graphite material.
      This is a full graphite tennis racket without joint.
    1. Wide Frame Tennis RacketThe wide frame tennis racket comes with graphite frame and shaft.
      The tennis racket has no joint.
      Total length: 685-688mm
    1. Narrow Frame Tennis RacketThe narrow frame tennis racket has its frame and shaft both made of graphite material.
      The racket length is between 685mm ...
    1. T Joint Tennis RacketThe T joint tennis racket has its frame and shaft both made of aluminum material.
      The length of the tennis racket is between 685mm and 688mm.
    1. No Joint Tennis RacketThe no joint tennis racket has its frame and shaft both made using graphite material. It has a length between 685mm and 688mm and weight between 300g and 320g.

Brief Introduction
A tennis racket is mainly made up of a head, a throat, and a handle. In addition to these three major parts, tennis rackets also include parts such as the strings and shock absorber which can improve the racket function. The tennis racket strings are usually divided into three types according to the raw material, which are nylon or synthetic strings, polyester strings and nature catgut strings.

Tennis Racket Construction
(1) Head size
A larger head size means more power and a larger sweet spot, while a smaller head size refers to more precision control.
A tennis racket with a midsize head has a head size of 95 square inches. Mid plus head has a size between 96 and 100 square inches, and over size head has sizes above 100 square inches.
(2) Standard Length: 27 inches / 69 cm
(3) Strung weight refers to the weight of a tennis racket after fixing strings. Choose tennis rackets with a proper weight according to your strength.
(4) Stiffness: The greater the racket stiffness is, the more flexibility the tennis racket has.
(5) Beam Width: 22-25 mm
(6) String Pattern: 16 Mains/19 Crosses
(7) String Tension: between 53-63 pounds

Features of DunRun Tennis Rackets
(1) Longer dwell time of the ball on the string bed.
(2) DunRun tennis racket comes with improved forgiveness during off-center shots.
(3) Precise control
(4) High racket stability while hitting the ball.

Daily Maintenance on Tennis Rackets
(1) Do not throw and smash the tennis racket on the ground.
(2) Avoid playing when raining.
(3) Store the racket at room temperature. The frame with resin material would be easily distorted under high temperature.
(4) If your hands are sweaty, please dry the handle in time after using the tennis racket. As for leather racket handle, we recommend cleaning it with soap periodically.
(5) Stick protecting band around the frame can effectively prevent damages to the frame and the strings as well.

DunRun is a specialized tennis racket manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a comprehensive range of sporting goods, including table tennis bat, badminton shuttlecock, basketball, American football, and tennis ball, among others.

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