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    1. Indoor Table Tennis TableThe table tennis table has an 18mm thick face in either blue or green color.
      Frame size: 20x20mm
      Feet size: 32x32mm
    1. Outdoor Table Tennis TableThis outdoor table tennis table has an 8mm thick face in blue or green color. The table face is waterproof, making the table suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses.
    1. Training Table Tennis TableThe face of the training table tennis table is 8mm thick, and is available in either blue or green color. The waterproof face makes the table tennis table suitable for both indoor ...
    1. Competition Table Tennis TableThe 18mm thick table tennis table face is available in either green or glue color.
      Frame: 30x20mm
      Feet: 30x30mm
    1. Single Folding Ping Pong TableThe single folding Ping Pong table has an 8mm thick waterproof face, available in either green or blue color.
      Frame: 40x20mm
    1. Double Folding Ping Pong TableThe double folding Ping Pong table is ideal for use in international tournament.
      The Ping Pong table is foldable and movable.

Description of DunRun Table Tennis Table
1. DunRun table tennis table face is made of material with good and proper elasticity, flatness, glossiness and friction. The quality face material makes our Ping Pong table up to international standard.
2. The striking white line on the Ping Pong table allows the players to locate the dropping point and perform better.
3. With standard size of 274×152.5×76cm, the table tennis table is suitable for all situations, and the players can perform well no matter in training or match.
4. The metal frame for the Ping Pong table offers better table stability and keeps its shape well.
5. The high strength table legs enhance the stability of the table tennis table. Hence, the table won't shake easily. Players can play to the fullest without worries.
6. The table tennis table legs are foldable, so the table is space saving. Some of our tables are designed with wheels with brake system on legs, making the table movable.
7. All metal tubes are lacquered. So, our table tennis tables are waterproof, rustproof and durable.
8. To satisfy the different demand for different court, Ping Pong tables for indoor use and outdoor use are both available at DunRun.
9. You can choose table with different thickness and color, also table leg with different specification. Table tennis tables suitable for spare time players, training use, and competition uses are all available.

Specifications of DunRun Table Tennis Table, Ping Pong Table
(1) Face thickness and color: 25mm Blue or green
(2) Frame: 30x20mm
(3) Feet: 40x40mm
(4) Official size: 274x152.5x76cm

We are a specialized table tennis table manufacturer in China. Apart from ping pong table, we also offer table tennis ball, basketball, football, badminton racket, tennis ball, foosball table, and others.

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