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At DunRun, we take great measures to ensure the high quality of our balls, rackets, and other sports equipment. Using an advanced enterprise and production management system, we employ only experienced and trusted purchasers and management personnel. Our talented and dedicated employees are very knowledgeable in the sports equipment field. In addition, we use only the highest quality raw materials, which are acquired by our experienced purchasing staff. In order to assure a standardized production process and the consistent quality of our products, we manufacture them using high performance production equipment and precise testing equipment, such as our automatic stick and skin fusing machine and our digital cutting machine. These measures help to ensure that only high quality basketball, football and badminton rackets reach our customers.

We can also design and manufacture our sports equipment, including our volleyball, rugby equipment, jumping rope, foosball table, and more, according to customers' specific needs. OEM and ODM services are also available, as well as sample products priced below $100. DunRun products are also backed by our warranty which varies with the category of the product, during which defective products can be returned and replaced upon request. Because of the superior quality of our products, our attention to detail, and our comprehensive customer service, our football, tire inflator, knee support, ankle support, wrist support and other fine products have been purchased by famous football clubs such as Liverpool FC and Arsenal FC. Our quality products are also purchased by famous sports brands such as Head, Converse, Joobong, Billabong, and West 49. Additionally, we have collaborated with famous brands such as KIA, Coca Cola, Colgate, and TCL.

In addition to providing high quality sports equipment, we at DunRun are committed to keeping costs down and passing that savings on to our customers. One way we accomplish this is by acquiring our raw materials at competitive prices from local suppliers, enabling us to reduce our transportation cost. In addition, DunRun is conveniently located in Guangzhou City, adjacent to Huangpu and close to Guangzhou International Airport, Tantian Seaport, and a complete highway network. This prime location makes it possible to quickly, conveniently, and economically transport our football, basketball, table tennis paddles and more to our international clients.

Currently, we export our high quality and competitively priced basketball, volleyball, football, badminton racket, and other products to locations in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, including the United States, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Italy, France, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, and more.